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Privacy, data protection and processes no worries we've got you covered!

The digital world is accelerating fast. New topics such as privacy, data protection start to play an important role in your organization. 

We have decided to team up with Van Kaam IP, Media and Privacy to guide organizations through the complex landscape of digital & legal. Van Kaam knows every corner on IP, Media and Privacy law and assists companies by setting up a sustainable privacy company culture. The combination of the two expertise area's enables us to guide your management department in making the right choice and let privacy by design become part of your internal processes. 

Becoming GDPR Compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in force since 25th of May 2018. The GDPR is the most important change in how we see privacy and how we protect data. Apps and smart technologies are using our data. By introducing the GDPR we are in within the European Economic Area more ensured by data protection. The Dutch regulator (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) supervises compliance with these laws. Things are about to change. Make sure that you are compliance.

Apply for an in-house Masterclass!

You are a marketing manager, HR manager or company owner who needs to get compliant? Would you like to learn everything there is on GDPR and have the possibility to ask anything about digital and the law? We have a custom made an in-house training program for you. 

Containing the following:

·       Practical insights in which way your company is influenced by the GDPR

·       Practical real-life cases

·       Concrete steps to sustainable GDPR compliance

·       Q&A

·       Practical reference material


We have a lot of products that will help you become GDPR compliant. After purchasing these, we can advise you how to use these products or adjust them to be completely custom made for your company!

  • We offer a Data Processing Agreement and a privacy policy 
  • We offer a GDPR cookie statement (English/Dutch) 

Our products are standard, legal compliance products. If you want to have an extra-legal check or if you want to have your own custom-made documents, please contact us for a proposal.

Chris Hudepohl
Digital brand strategist
Chris Hudepohl

Helping people, companies and society to better understand how digital technology is impacting our lives. 

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