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Sticky Bandits has been honoured with three AVA Digital Awards for digital transformation, agency website and digital marketing.

Extremely proud of our eager and hard-working team, partners and our clients for winning awards in multiple categories!

Thanks to company-wide intensive efforts over the past year, we were able to acquire one gold and two platinum AVA Digital Awards. As a bonus, we're the only winner which has received a platinum award in the category "Digital Transformation". On top of that, we also made it to the finals at the DRUM Awards for best B2B brand website in the USA, amongst contenders as Intel and Mitsubishi. As icing on the digital cake, we managed to receive a Awwwards honourable mention and CSS design awards site of the day recognition. What a great year with exciting new projects ahead of us.

"We are extremely proud of our eager and hard-working team, partners and our clients for winning multiple awards over the past six months."
Chris Hudepohl & Thijs Mensink

About the AVA Digital awards

Honoring excellence whose work serves as a benchmark for the industry.

AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that recognizes outstanding work by creative professionals involved in the concept, direction, design and production of media that is part of the evolution of digital communication. Work ranges from audio and video productions- to websites that present interactive components such as video, animation, blogs, and podcasts- to interactive social media sites- to other forms of user-generated communication. 

AVA Digital Awards is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). 

We proudly present

Our AVA Awards line-up

Cooper Tires

Digital transformation

Transforming Cooper Tire's digital landscape from 2008 to 2018 and beyond in 8 months time. How do you implement a digital-driven mindset throughout an international organization? We've managed to restructure the complete digital landscape for Cooper Tire within an extremely short timeframe.

Sticky Bandits

Agency website

Our new website will take you on a journey as we, together with our customers, aim to set new standards in the digital world. We are very thankful to our clients and partners who have taken the trust to stick together and become part of this magical journey. 


Digital marketing

Hartman is one of the most iconic outdoor furniture brands in the Netherlands. Almost everybody recognizes the brand from the  white garden chairs that were indestructible. By introducing the new "Sophie" product line, Hartman wants to address a younger audience across the whole of Europe.

Taking digital to the next level

Looking back on the past year we have worked on amazing cases which gave us the opportunity to partner up with big clients. Together we have recreated a digital vision for those brands.

Our team of Bandits is currently working on multiple cases which will take things to another level focusing on the connection between younger audiences and international brands and implementing voice search assistants at the core of customer journeys. Throughout the year we expect to expand our Bandit team with multiple new positions.

What we do best

Strategy & Creativity

Using the power of digital to bring your brand to the next level.

Websites & Campaigns

Move, engage and inspire the real people who buy and use your product or service.

Advertising & Content

Reach the right people at the right time with the right message.

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