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Collaborate with us in creating new standards in the digital world!

Sticky Bandits has been honoured with three AVA Digital Awards for digital transformation, agency website and digital marketing.
Start 2019 with a head start by optimising your most visited page. By using a login page for other means than simply logging in, you're also able to communicate with your users and optimize sales.
We have decided to team up with Van Kaam IP, Media and Privacy to guide organizations through the complex landscape of digital & legal.
Our Creative Strategist Thijs will be climbing Mont Ventoux to support brain tumour research.
In the past 12 months, we have been working on multiple major projects that perfectly reflect our ambition. As digital natives, we are there to help companies to better understand the digital world and help them create their very own “digital vision”.

Sticky Bandits is now Kemari

Standing still was never in our DNA. Bandits fundamentally believe in doing things differently and spicing things up. This is why we want to welcome you to our brand new digital playfield.

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