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Sticky Bandits is an internationally renowned full-service agency that builds brands in the digital age.

We fundamentally believe in doing things differently and spicing up the world of brands.

We call ourself an:

Social Impact Agency

We don’t believe in spamming people with unsolicited messages they didn't ask for.

We want to unite people, create cultures, make statements and give a meaningful purpose to brands. Allowing them to attract the best-talented people in the world and selling their products to people because they want to. We want to save the world from boring brands and give brands a real social identity that distinguishes them from the competition and create a culture of like-minded people, employees and consumers.

We are a Social Impact Agency. We work with a bunch of the smartest digital natives on building strong brands that connect with their future audience.

What to expect when working with the bandits

Why be ordinary if you can be a Bandit?

Say goodbye to your comfort zone

Becoming a true market leader means letting go of old habits. We'll challenge you to stop looking at your competition and start aiming for the next level.

We achieve our goals together

Just like a good bottle of wine, it's always better to enjoy things together. Working with us means a strong relationship and plenty of trust.

Young, fresh and the highest quality

We're a young and dynamic team with an international mindset. We video conference with customers from all over the world and push companies to aim for the highest quality.

Our services

Brand Strategy

Brand Experience

Digital productions

Performance marketing

Design Studio

If you want to help others to be innovative you also have to distinguish yourself by being innovative. Sticky Bandits behaves in this way, unpretentious, with a great team!
Meino ToeringCEO - Global Electronics

Sticky Bandits is now Kemari

Standing still was never in our DNA. Bandits fundamentally believe in doing things differently and spicing things up. This is why we want to welcome you to our brand new digital playfield.

Nom. Nom. Nom...
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