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From idea to international startup in 6 months.

When visiting a city, it's not the big monuments that make you fall in love with the city. It's the little things that can turn a city into a magical experience. Those places are the hidden gems of a city that you might not find that easily.

UrbanGuide is a unique platform where local residents can create digital experiences based on their personal interests. By matching these interests with specific local resident knowledge, a tourist can interact with the local and download the full digital city experience.


To startup

Through 4 design sprints, we worked on the basics of a successful startup. We started drafting various business models, financial programmes, the digital concept and most important: The story of UrbanGuide. All these ingredients were combined in a stunning pitch deck which was used to present at Amsterdams own Startup Accelerator: "Startup in Residence".

UrbanGuide & Amsterdam

UrbanGuide selected by Startup in Residence Amsterdam

UrbanGuide was selected by the municipality of Amsterdam. The rapid growth of tourism in Amsterdam has created quite a nuisance for its residents. By working together, the municipality of Amsterdam could acquire useful insights through big data and it was possible for them to communicate important tourist information through our platform.

The challenge

Creating awareness

Generating visibility for UrbanGuide was the last step in the process. We teamed up with TheNextWeb, Motherboard, Tech Openair Berlin, BNR Nieuwsradio, Vakantiebeurs and introduced UrbanGuide to a wider audience. 

Our impact

Strategy & Creativity

Through effective design sprints & growth hacking, we brought UrbanGuide to an international public in 6 months.

Content & Campaigns

Through useful content, we created a movement instead of a company.

Advertising & Activation

Within 6 months we were able to onboard 3000 members from all over the world.

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