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How do you show 30 years of unknown and unmatched quality?

Hartman is one of the most iconic outdoor furniture brands in the Netherlands. Almost everybody recognizes the brand from the indestructible white garden chairs. Back in the old days, Hartman used a simple but powerful commercial concept, displaying their strong selling points. Together with the team of Hartman, it has always been a passion project to revive the commercial concept and bring it into 2020.

For Hartman we took care of the campaign. Sit back and enjoy the lovely outcome.

The inspiration was already there

When old becomes new again

While digging through the historical archives of Hartman we found 3 fantastic commercials that were shot 30 years ago. After re-discovering the commercials our fingers where itching to bring them back to life. The story of the commercials was focussed on Mister Hartman, and displayed the USP's of the products in a funny way with a strong tagline such as; "The only Hartman that changes colours in the sun, is Mister Hartman himself".  

With the old campaign, Hartman launched 3 stories. Displaying their strong selling points. A Hartman chair does not fade in the sun, it can stay outside the whole year and it is easy to clean. Unique as it is, today,  30 years later these values are still the same. There is nothing as strong as being able to show that you keep your promises as a brand. By reviving the old commercials we were able to emphasise the brand's promise. 

Fitting the right mood

Together with Hartman and MRK Film we took the key elements from the old commercials and brought them to the year 2020. The lawnmower and the toy boat were replaced by a robot lawnmower and a drone and most important of all, Mr. Hartman was replaced for Mrs. Hartman.

It was our goal to show the unmatched quality from Hartman and make it more accessible to the younger audience. Everybody has grown up with a Hartman chair in their garden. We, therefore, decided to pay tribute to Hartman and dust off an old servant.
Thijs Mensink - Creatief Strateeg

Ready for the next 30 years

The final video ads

Just one more thing!

The only Hartman that not only re-uses its products but also it's marketing assets.

This year Hartman is introducing it's first "Greenvalley" chair which is made a 100% out of recyclable materials. With Hartman's latest developments on responsible recycling and circular production, we decided to create one more story. As a wink to not only re-using production materials but also marketing commercials. The green valley theme is another example of our interpretation of the brands strong legacy. We created a new video with the mindset of showcasing Hartman in 2020 and set the mark for the next 30 years. 

Omnichannel marketing campaign

From National brand visibility to local impact in the shops. 

We take care of the marketing section as much as we do for the branding. That's why we created a personalized ad experience for different audiences. We headed down to the local Hartman dealers and collaborated with them. The final result; showing potential customers the 3+1 promotion by using geo-targeting on several social media channels, so that they can quickly track their nearest local dealer to experience Hartman products. It's a win-win for customers, local dealers, and Hartman.

Our impact

Strategy & Creativity

Making weather the most important brand driver and connecting with a younger audience.

Content & Campaigns

Spicing up the brand's visibility through fresh content that is used in a 360 degrees marketing campaign.

Advertising & Activation

Inspire, engage and move people through advertising, influencers at the right time with the right message.

"With this omnichannel campaign they were able to reach the young audience and underline the high Hartman quality and feeling of the brand in a unique way"
SharonConsumer marketing manager - Hartman

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