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Reviving the strong Avon brand heritage

Avon Tyres is a well-known tire brand in the United Kingdom. In the past, you would find Avons underneath almost every famous car produced in the UK. With the digital world overtaking its audience, Avon Tyres needed a boost in order to catch up and overhaul the brand.

Together with multiple partners, we diligently took care of each and every touchpoint. We've created a brand new website, polished social media channels and re-shot every single tire Avon currently produces.


Shooting all tyres in 1 week

To create visual consistency between products, we defined a photography guideline. Explaining how products should be photographed, at which angles and with consistent lighting positions. Together with New Day studios, we prepped, polished and photographed the entire product portfolio.

Implementing a design system

Rebranding the entire digital landscape

Implementing a new look and feel across multiple channels requires both a creative impulse and easily maintainable processes. By setting up one leading design system, all relevant company stakeholders are able to see and adhere to brand guidelines. 

Content management

People, processes & platforms

The rapid speed of the internet almost demands marketing departments to operate as a magazine. We helped the internal marketing department to integrate people and processes with platforms. As a result, they were able to distribute new marketing assets faster and also collect new insights from their social audiences.


Customer journey

We redefined the complex process of finding the right tyre that fits the vehicle of the customer. We created a customer journey which doesn't only answer the questions of a petrolhead but also of customers without any specific car knowledge. The goal of the journey is to answer the question: "Which tires do you have that fit my vehicle?" This is followed by displaying the most suitable options that Avon can provide them with and respectively guiding them to the nearest physical dealer.

Our impact


Restructuring assets, people, processes & systems as a solid foundation for future digital activities. 


A leading design system including brand new product photography that streamlines people and processes for every digital touchpoint ensuring maximum efficiency in further developing websites, apps and ads.


We created an efficient consumer-facing digital landscape including multiple websites, brand-, press- & dealer portals, that are all synced together and easy to manage.

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