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Be in control of your marketing in 2020

Do you want to: 

  • Be ahead of the game?
  • Hypercharge your knowledge of marketing trends that will create new opportunities in 2020?
  • Have a structured overview of your 2020 marketing activities and costs?

We have created a unique canvas that will help guide you and your team to streamline your marketing activities into a top-notch plan that allows you to look forward and become a front runner. Together with one of our strategists, we will guide your team through an interactive journey discovering future marketing trends and helping you to structure your plans and create synergy in your department.

Apply for an in-house workshop!

The goal of the day is to map a complete overview of all activities related to marketing for 2020. The day will be intensive but very effective. The day will look like this:


  • Start with an interactive kick-off (hint: 'you get a little exercise in the morning ;-)')
  • Marketing trends of 2020
  • New opportunities in your market


  • Delicious lunch provided by Sticky Bandits
  • Fill in Canvas 2020 together
  • Discuss Canvas 2020

End of the day (around 16:00)

Because we believe in the 90-minute principle, which assumes that you can only focus for 90 minutes in a row, we have blocks of 90 minutes. After that we will start a walk of at least 15/20 to recharge for the next session.


We only have one spot left for January. 

If you want to receive more information or if you want to reserve a place,
please hit the 'Get in touch button' or you can call Sander Bouwman directly: 053 203 2395

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